[{"title":"Bienvenidos a Miami!","comments":"0","excerpt":"Pi\u00f1a Coladas have never been happier! Welcome to Florida! 3 different locations join the Monta\u00f1a Azul pineapple show off. Pi\u00f1a Coladas consumers have never been happier! From April 2022 we will be offering Monta\u00f1a Azul pineapple in its own pineapple juice at the Supermarkets The shelf will be showing the indication: The Promotion Agency for […]","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/bienvenidos-a-miami\/","category":"lanzamientos"},{"title":"Opening the door to 2021 from our website www.montana-azul.com","comments":"0","excerpt":"#palm #palmito #heartofpalm #montanaazul #agroindustrialmontanaazul #costarica #gourmet","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/opening-the-door-to-2021-from-our-website-www-montana-azul-com\/","category":"lanzamientos"},{"title":"Who we really are","comments":"0","excerpt":"The world crisis is reminding to us why do we exist as business, as family, as humans. .This is a developing situation. Covid19 has surprised the world. 80 years of investment in a Health System, seams to have the virus under control. At Monta\u00f1a azul, we are adapting our talent and our daily routine. Our […]","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/who-we-really-are\/","category":"noticias"},{"title":"Let’s connect at SIAL Paris 2018! Hall8 StandD020","comments":"0","excerpt":"[ Attending Sial Paris\u00a0 ]\u00a0Let’s connect – Venez nous voir! Monta\u00f1a Azul will be present at the #coffeebar of Costa Rica Pavilion 2018. Sial Paris is one of the best exhibitions for the world markets of innovation\u00a0\u00a0in food.\u00a0 Meetings and deals bring new business for the future: new\u00a0opportunities. We will attend again to meet potential […]","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/lets-connect-at-sial-paris-2018-hall8-standd020\/","category":"ferias"},{"title":"Mi casa es su casa : Business Trade Mission Costa Rica","comments":"0","excerpt":"Vamos a mi casa!\u00a0Monta\u00f1a Azul in\u00a0the BTM 2018, 25-27 September and you are welcome to visit us! The biggest Mission of the Region is opening its doors and Monta\u00f1a Azul has already arranged the agenda with the visitors from all continents and the new catalog is going to be displayed: innovation in the canned cassava […]","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/mi-casa-es-su-casa-business-trade-mission-costa-rica\/","category":"ferias"},{"title":"Frozen heart of palm flavor at home? Yes!.","comments":"0","excerpt":"Fresh heart of palm flavor at home? Yes. Fresh cut and frozen whole heart of palm. Following the trend of pure tastes, less ingredients in the products and\u00a0reflecting changing attitudes towards health, community and the environment; we present the “Frozen Hearts of Palm” ” Palmito Congelado Premium”. First quality palms now frozen. The bags of\u00a01 […]","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/1166-2\/","category":"lanzamientos"},{"title":"ETI SMETA : Ethical Standards Audit #respect #fair","comments":"0","excerpt":"Our value: Harmony on the work place Agroindustrial Monta\u00f1a Azul\u00a0 has been\u00a0audited on\u00a0Ethical Standards thanks to the company’s serious commitment shown in the LQSNET audit result. The norm for Ethical of\u00a0Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report (SMETA) Best Practice Guidance (Version 6.0, April 2017). As Pahola Arias, Director for this important audit comments ” This […]","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/etical-standards-certification\/","category":"certificaciones"},{"title":"Frozen Products : Cassava *Monta\u00f1a Azul new product line*","comments":"0","excerpt":"Sweet Cassava, Yuca Dulce or Manioc, the gluten free root. Have you tried Costa Rican frozen cassava?. It’s your time now!. Package of Sweet Cassava from Monta\u00f1a Azul, chopped and peeled.\u00a0 Cassava -or “yuca” in spanish-, is\u00a0indispensable part of carbohydrate diet for millions of indigenous people and inhabitants living in\u00a0many parts of South American, Africa […]","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/frozen-products-cassava-montana-azul-new-product-line\/","category":"lanzamientos"},{"title":"SIAL Paris 2016 – Montana Azul inspires business","comments":"0","excerpt":"Welcome to the highlight of the Costa Rica Pavilion\u00a0at\u00a0SIAL Paris at Hall 8, F24. 80 % of the worldwide population will live in cities by 2050 and we are ready to cater for every one of those cities. The Paris Nord Villepinte receives Montana Azul team at the Hall 8, Stand F24, as part of […]","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/sial-paris-2016-montana-azul-inspires-business\/","category":"active"},{"title":"PLMA chooses our 3 produtcs for its Idea Supermarket !","comments":"0","excerpt":"PLMA Amsterdam 2016 selects\u00a0Monta\u00f1a Azul products for its Idea Supermarket (r): First participation of the company at the Food Exhibition PLMA Amsterdam starts with a warm welcome. The organizers chose 3 Products to be displayed at the Hall of the Idea Supermarket, which displays\u00a0the best and most innovative examples of what supermarkets, hypermarkets, and retailers […]","permalink":"https:\/\/montana-azul.com\/1001\/","category":"ferias"}]