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Seamos Luz

December 11th, 2018  

Happy holidays!  What else to say to you than THANK YOU!

Thank you for your preference in this 2018.

When you choose our company Montaña Azul you create employment opportunities for our green community in Horquetas de Sarapiquí, your orders create a supply chain that includes our providers of goods and services and you help our organization to become a dynamic engine of economical development in the region. Thank you!

This year our Organic Pineapple created a healthier offer in the shelfs of the supermarkets: no sugar, no GMO, simple ingredients, pure good food.

Our Frozen cassava and frozen banana leaf entered to food services in packages of 1 and 5 kg making possible for nostalgic consumers and gluten-free clients who want ethnic products all year round.

Multiple alternatives to the heart of palm where created, from our favorites : No salt/low sodium palm following the “pure foods” trend, happy faces palms following the “childrens choice salad” trend and Smoked palms following the “senses taste” trend.  Our clients eyes are into the Frozen Palms Pack for 2019 because it  allows consumers worldwide to have real taste of palm in their recipes.

We got audited and recertified FSSC22000, STARK and KIWAORGANIC, our Quality Team manages a solid system of quality assurance and responds better than ever to the daily challenges.  Production became faster with new machinery for pineapple and automatic labelling, capacity of storage was expanded and also the chiller rooms got improved so they can achieve lower temperatures while producing.

Happily, we saw you in 2018 trade shows like FruitLogistica in Germany, FancyFood Show in NYC, Sial Paris in France, BTM at home in Costa Rica and many of you put us in your busy agendas, coming to visit personally our home and shared a cup of coffee in our family table. Its a honor to hear your stories, to learn from you. Thank you.

Every time we saw in the shelfs the product we manufactured for you, you made us feel proud.

Let’s bring light to this 2019 with the best food, new frozen products, more heart of palm from our private harvest and organic canned pineapple from Costa Rica.

Let’s shine ! Seamos luz !