Green energy arrives to Montaña Azul

The photovoltaic park is the result of the green strategy implemented and the resources allocation for different environmental actions taking place at the Sarapiquí facilities.

Along with the water resource management and the organic waste management strategies at the food processing facilities, now Montaña Azul is glad to incorporate the operation of a photovoltaic energy production park, installed recently in 2023

In 2022 the idea of a photovoltaic energy park was proposed based on the constant efforts from the Management. The objective is finding ways to become more competitive through the use of green electric energy consomption. Using the sunhine energy when the clouds allow it will allow the family company to become more efficient and at the same time provides a risk coverage in case there is electric interrupctions during daily production shifts.

The network of more than 200 panels in the roof will create an amount of energy that can cover the needs of most production processes.

Nature wisdom:

Montaña Azul has “harmony with nature” as one of its core values, and as Victor Arias, Director of the Project confirms : ” we know that the power of the sunlight must be part of the all companies in Costa Rica, the sunlight energy must be included in every production process as it does in the agriculture production too. We are one with nature and the sunlight we have in Costa Rica makes possible that we can grow any tropical crop. Now it makes possible, as well, a more independant and cleaner production.”

Montaña Azul will also continue using the local energy provider as well and for the next years to come will try to include them also in these kind of projects.

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