Who are we?

A succesful history

Montana Azul is a family business founded by Victor Arias and wife Maria Benavides. The company specializes in producing, growing and exporting high-added value foods. Currently the Arias family is involved in the operations.  Based in Costa Rica the food processing plant is located within the farms in the region of Horquetas de Sarapiqui northern plains of the country, Atlantic side.

The explorers :

The company is directly related to three generations of this family. So to tell the story is impossible not to mention grandparents Victor Arias and Crisanto Benavides who arrived at the region of Sarapiquí in the 19th century. It was in the 1920s that the farms started their livestock projects in the area. In those years traveling to the north from the capital, took about 8 hours, crossing rivers and mountains on stoned roads. This is how it was established the first colony in the Horquetas, by immigrants like them who promoted the local economy.

Expanding operations

Over there in the 90’s the road crossed the region bringing new development and offering proximity to the center of the country, therefore new shopping centers, agricultural production work begins. Thus in 1997 establishing the first drive of the farm and agricultural output growth in domestic markets, expanding to palm cultivation in 2001 ends the construction of the industrial unit.
The first export was made to the United States in 2002 and since then new markets are added across the map, FDA Approval and Kosher certification followed. New products were added to the family in 2005: roots and tubers and in 2007 began production of pineapple. In 2008 starts the creation of the Integrated Quality and was certified the 2012 by ISO. The FSSC 22000 incorporated certificated in 2014, the ISO added food safety and food security processes (as part of the GFSI norms).
Currently the exported products include the canned products of heart of palm, pineapple, cassava, papaya and other tropical fruits and vegetables. Either in tin cans or glass jars.
The frozen products line opened in 2017 started exporting Sweet Cassava and projected to continue opening new food markets also in the refrigerated categories.

Our Vision:

To produce the best preserved in the world in social and ecological harmony.


  •  Produce high quality preserved to meet the needs of our customers,
  •  Maintain continuous improvement
  •  Achieve satisfaction with our collaborators.


  •  Quality products: Ensure that our products are processed under strict quality standards and rules that allow the customer to assure the consumer because of our products.
  • Respect for nature: We ensure proper compliance with existing national standards applicable to our production process, in order to provide environmentally friendly products.
  •  Harmony at work: We try to provide our employees a good working environment and according to the needs.
  • Getting it right:  Continuous improvement of all processes, to have a process that fits the needs of the company and therefore the results of this.
  •  Honesty and Effort: We have an inseparable bond of operations of our production process and business with the values of our customers, employees and community.

Business objectives

  •  Bring products as natural as possible, easy to eat and great flavor to the homes of families and foreign. Putting up the name of our country and our family.
  •  Work as much as possible without intermediaries and verticalized processes to control the processes of production and exports, and thus a competitive price that gives our clients a competitive advantage.

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Quality policies

OUR QUALITY POLICY: As part of our Quality System we declare our policy. 


 Agroindustrial Montaña Azul Internacional Del Siglo XXI S.A. consciente de su responsabilidad social, se compromete a producir y/o comercializar vegetales, frutas,  tubérculos en conserva, congelados y orgánicos, elaborados con los más altos estándares de calidad e inocuidad alimentaria del mercado.

En fiel cumplimiento a la norma FSSC 22000, y a sus compromisos de gestión para con sus clientes, proveedores, colaboradores, comunidad vecina, autoridades sanitarias y otros grupos de interés.

Para esto apelamos a la formación, y entrenamiento continuo de nuestro personal, al cumplimiento legal y reglamentario aplicable, a la mejora continua y a nuestros valores. ”


Agroindustrial Montaña Azul Internacional del Siglo XXI S.A. conscious of its social responsibility, undertakes to produce and / or commercialize vegetables, fruits, canned tubers in cans, frozen and organics, made with the highest quality standards and food safety practices in the market.

In faithful compliance with the FSSC 22000 standard, and its management commitments to its customers, suppliers, collaborators, neighboring communities, health authorities and other stakeholders.

For this we appeal to the training, the continuous training of our staff and to applicable legal and regulatory compliance, continuous improvement and our values. “