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Organic Certification to Montaña Azul

February 25th, 2018  

Agroindustrial Montana Azul

Montana Azul organic

[Certifications] Organic Certification to Montaña Azul 

Organic pineapple in organic juice leaves a sweet pure MD2 Golden flavour. Costarican nature brings pure flavours that we translate into our canned and frozen products.

Montana Azul Organic products step into the organic food world stage through the sliced pineapple in glass jars and metal cans, for every format: Retail, Horeca and as per yoir specs.

Other products can be offered also because the facilities have been certified to produce all kind of organic sourced fruits and vegetables.

Our Director for Organic certifications Pahola Arias comments ” Producing organic has been a request from consumers all over the world. They demand : simple foods, simple ingredients, pure flavours”

KIWA is an organic certification that helps Montana Azul to enter into a new level of healthy foods. The certification is renewed every year.

Partnership with premium AutoMercado Costa Rica: Daloo Coffee demonstration

June 17th, 2014  


The latest news take us to Costa Rica, where the Premium supermarkets AutoMercado are taking the Daloö Coffee on tour.

Demonstration of Coffee Tasting at their premises these June 16th to 21st from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Heredia and Tres Ríos premises.  Also exclusive activities for the Frequent Clients Program are being executed.  “Tecito” is an activity that shows the use of our products to the guests, explaining what and how are the products used. Within scheduled activities and a very entertaining program, our Coffee Daloö will be displayed the Wednesdays 18 of June, 20 of august, 15 of October and November 12, 2014.

Pahola Arias, National Brand Manager for the Café Daloö confirms that “Automercado is a key partner for our gourmet coffee products, because the selected bouquets for each coffee are the result of a research within the premium markets served by this company”. Pahola explains “the client for Daloö Coffee is curious for innovative choices and loves gourmet coffee specialties”

Passion fruit, Guava, Rose, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange, East bouquet (cardamom) and Regular, are the different chosen bouquets, giving a hint of aroma to the aftertaste of the intense coffee from the mountains of Costa Rica.

If you are in Costa Rica, join the activies, if not, then join our community online in Facebook and order online at 


Buyers Trade Mission in Costa Rica – 2 days of meetings

September 18th, 2013  

Pahola Arias and Victor Arias listening well and taking notes of a client’s requirement.

It was clear since the beginning that this will be the biggest Buyers Trade Mission ever. This year we celebrate the 15th edition, after many million of dollars negotiated at this same event throughout already 15 years. Bravo to Costa Rica!.

From fresh produce to flavoring, from bread to exotic liqueurs, our colleagues exporters are in our same team this time: showing with hard work and best effort our quality products to importers who came from all over the world.  Everything made in Costa Rica under one same room. Two days full of meetings one after another, under a clock that marks the end and the begging of each of the appointments, previously organized by Procomer (Costa Rican office for Foreign Trade Promotion)

Buyers Trade Mission (BTM) is the main annual event organized by the Export Promotion Agency of Costa Rica (PROCOMER). This venue gathers, in one single place, the most remarkable Costa Rican export firms and top international buyers who visit the country from diverse destinations such as the European Union, Asia, North America the Caribbean region, among others.

The negotiator for each guest company waits for the CostaRican exporter company and the exchange of information initiates a commercial relationship that many times generates a very good friendship.

Welcome to Costa Rica and good business ! Montaña Azul will be waiting for you at the 16th edition next year.


Pamela Arias at the Booth of exhibitors at the Convention Center Hall

Cassava spiced up and canned – ready to eat !

September 19th, 2012  


Welcome Cassava !  – Bienvenida la Yuca ! – Bienvenue la Manioc !

Montana Azul is glad to anounce the last addition to the family of gourmet products : Ready to eat – easy open – Cassava with spices !

One of the caribbean & latinamerican best kept secrets, now to your table. No cooking or cutting, no waste or time consumed. Just open the can and it’s ready to eat.

This tropical root known as mandioca, tapioca, cassava or yucca; has bene developed with the help of our Food Research consultants from the University of Costa Rica and it’s preserved in salt and water, with a shelf life of 4 years.  Very good news for those who love the new specialty dishes, that follows the trend of a high value food solution.  It allows you to save time and enjoy a delicious meal, just opening the can.

Buen provecho con la Cassava ! Bon apetit avec la Manioc !

Montana Azul at SIAL 2012, Pavilion 3, Booth F062

September 1st, 2012  

MONTANA AZUL to represent Costa Rica in SIAL Food Show, 21 – 24 october 2012, Paris France.

Heredia, Costa Rica – 01.09.2012

The well recoginzed food exporter company Agroindustrial Montana Azul confirms participation at SIAL 2012 in the Costa Rican stand: Pavilion 3, booth F062.  Also offers 10 entries for those companies that have serious interest in their products and services.

This participation confirms the company’s interest in consolidating new markets along with the ones already opened : Mexico, USA, Europe and Caribbean regions and reafirms the serious operations for clients and potential clients who want high quality canned food (in glas jars and tin cans) or packed Roasted Coffee from our the company’s propietary farms.

” We have been part of the high quailty food world for the last 12 years and we have improved constantly since then. This participation is special because it arrives at the same moment where our plant is getting the final audit for the ISO 22000 after 2 years of hard work. Certifying our quality just validates what our clients know : that we are commited to bringing excelence and always improving our selves “, said Victor Arias, Founder of the company.

Arias family will be waiting for clients and potencial clients to share a freshly grinded Costa Rican coffee, exchange news and future plans.  Please confirm in advance your visit so a meeting can be arranged on time in the Agenda for the event. Also any special sample can be requested from now to since samples will be brought directly from Costa Rica.