Heart of Palm


 Yuca (Cassava or manioc)

Palmito Piña yucaespecies


 Thin Pineapple slices

Papaya vertical sticks

Mixed Pineapple Papaya

 Green Banana

Ceviche de Palmito

Bucket Pineapple

 Exporting and selling directly !

We sell directly products in Costa Rican national supermarkets, convenience stores, catering services and retailers. We export directly as well to France, United States, Jamaica, Spain, Mexico, Middle East and Central America.

Our products follow production protocols such as Walmart and Carrefour, which speaks of Global Quality and standardized filling the shelves of several countries.

Ordering is as easy as sending the art of your label and we take care of this for you, you decide the code on the cans as well depending on the laws of your country or your business needs. Basically we just need

  • a) your product especification,
  • b) 17 days to produce a full 20′ container and
  • c) your bank confirmation.

Private Label or our brand Our products can be the brand of your company or any of our brands.

Our process is audited constantly by our clients and our plant is in certification process for ISO 22000, already to be certified in december 2012. Besides that, we have processes that work under standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), Norma INTECO ISO 22000 certified, Kosher certification validated by our Israelite Centre.



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