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Frozen heart of palm flavor at home? Yes!.

June 25th, 2018  

Fresh heart of palm flavor at home? Yes.


Fresh cut and frozen whole heart of palm.

Following the trend of pure tastes, less ingredients in the products and reflecting changing attitudes towards health, community and the environment; we present the “Frozen Hearts of Palm” ” Palmito Congelado Premium”. First quality palms now frozen.

The bags of 1 lb – 5 lb full of whole heart of palms, have been requested by consumers from gourmet cuisine all across the world, catering services and food service distributors.

Is not a surprise to have fresh heart of palm when visiting the tropical lands of Costa Rica, but it is fantastic to have the same fresh flavor of the palm coming from the freezer.  The instructions as with any frozen vegetable is to cook it for 10 min and then use it as desired.

There it is, our innovation for the Fancy Food Show in NYC this 2018.  Recipes with the authentic original taste of the palms are now possible, thanks to Montaña Azul.

FSSC22000 Certified – Frozen Banana Leaf

April 25th, 2018  

[ Exotic frozen Export] Nostalgic food becomes frozen at Agroindustrial Montaña Azul to your freezer.

Frozen cassava and frozen pineapple have opened the way for a new tropical product: frozen leaves.  Packed in boxes of 16 lb or any other weight.

Frozen Ingredients from Costa Rica to your table, fresh banana leaves packed to your desired weight.

Your clients choose frozen banana leaves from Montaña Azul.

Organic Certification to Montaña Azul

February 25th, 2018  

Agroindustrial Montana Azul

Montana Azul organic

[Certifications] Organic Certification to Montaña Azul 

Organic pineapple in organic juice leaves a sweet pure MD2 Golden flavour. Costarican nature brings pure flavours that we translate into our canned and frozen products.

Montana Azul Organic products step into the organic food world stage through the sliced pineapple in glass jars and metal cans, for every format: Retail, Horeca and as per yoir specs.

Other products can be offered also because the facilities have been certified to produce all kind of organic sourced fruits and vegetables.

Our Director for Organic certifications Pahola Arias comments ” Producing organic has been a request from consumers all over the world. They demand : simple foods, simple ingredients, pure flavours”

KIWA is an organic certification that helps Montana Azul to enter into a new level of healthy foods. The certification is renewed every year.

ETI SMETA : Ethical Standards Audit #respect #fair

January 10th, 2018  


Our value: Harmony on the work place

Agroindustrial Montaña Azul  has been audited on Ethical Standards thanks to the company’s serious commitment shown in the LQSNET audit result. The norm for Ethical of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report (SMETA) Best Practice Guidance (Version 6.0, April 2017).

As Pahola Arias, Director for this important audit comments ” This Audit helps to promote the responsible supply chains, focused in Labour, Environment, Anti-Corruption among others. From Costa Rica we can show our transparency to our clients and most important our deep commitment with collaborators”.

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) is one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world.

SMETA was developed by the Sedex Associate Auditor Group (AAG), organizations involved on ethical trade auditing. The purpose of the AAG is to drive convergence in ethical trade/social auditing, based on and helping to shape best practice.

Sedex ( This means The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange ) and it is a not-for-profit membership organisation for businesses committed to the continuous improvement of ethical performance within their supply chains. Sedex was founded in 2001 by a group of UK retailers to drive convergence in social audit standards and monitoring practices. The aims of Sedex are to ease the auditing burden on suppliers through the sharing of reports and to drive improvements in supply chain standards.

Many words for a simple idea : to produce our products in a environment that ensures our collaborators to be fairly treated. There is always room to grow and Montaña Azul will keep improving!.

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LAC Argentina – meetings for business

November 30th, 2017  

Montaña Azul in Buenos Aires the 7-8 of November, for meetings to potential clients.


Pahola Arias, coordinator of the Montaña Azul delegation comments “Buenos Aires presents itself as a cosmopolitan city where you can find it all.  The Costa Rican products that we offer, complement very well the local production and we can also learn from their challenges and share our lessons here”.

For the company’s heart of palm, this country is specially important.  Argentinians were once the 3rd in the world importers of Heart of Palm.  Consumption today is relevant also, due to their gourmet preference in terms of flavors and high value dishes.

LAC Flavors is one of the most important business wheels of the Food and Beverage industry in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), as it brings together hundreds of exporters from the region with potential importers / buyers around the world, in order to to generate new business opportunities, through participation in one-to-one meetings (B2B).

Every year the LAC Flavors take place in a different country, promoting the growth of the latinamerican SME companies.


WhatsApp Image 2017-11-30 at 3.35.33 PM


Montaña Azul in ANUGA

September 19th, 2017  


The biggest trade show of the food world, is taking place again in Koeln, Germany during 5 consecutive days, from 7 – 11 of October.  Montaña Azul will participate at the Hall 3.1 to show its products and also present its new operations as frozen food provider.  Come to Taste the future, as they say in Germany… and it’s true.

Every 2 years Costa Rica participates as part the group of exhibitors organized by the Promotion office PROCOMER and for this edition the organization includes games for the visitors, information stand, activies and also a cafeteria with our roasted CostaRican arranged by ICAFE coffee institute of the country.

Montaña Azul will be receiving visits of new potential clients and old good friends.  The company is disclosing the new projects involving the frozen new line and the stablished canned foods line, from where fruits and vegetable are exported to USA, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Caribbean and CentralAmerica.

Check your Agenda and drop by to Anuga, Koeln !

Buyers Trade Mission 2017, Costa Rica.

August 30th, 2017  



Buyers Trade Mission into Costa Rica, Montaña Azul invites 19 to 21 of September!

Buyers Trade Mission Costa Rica welcomes companies from the all over globe to meet Costa Rican exporters. Montaña Azul with Agenda for two days is conformed by importers of roasted coffee, canned fruits and vegetables, frozen fruits importes, heart of palm distributors and supermarket chains for grocery products.

We are proud to introduce our new line of frozen products to this BTM event “As part of the 2017 BTM show, we invite all the companies to visit our facilities, come over, we are doors open and happy to receive friends.  Discover Costa Rica, and discover Montaña Azul ” says Founder Victor Arias Jimenez.

This year more than 400 companies are taking part on the one to one business meetings, making this event one of the world’s biggest meetings events.

If you want to take part on this event, contact us, we will make sure you are here.  More of the BTM and a video of Montaña Azul operations.

Frozen Products : Cassava *Montaña Azul new product line*

May 12th, 2017  

Sweet Cassava, Yuca Dulce or Manioc, the gluten free root.

Have you tried Costa Rican frozen cassava?. It’s your time now!.

cassava montaña azul

Package of Sweet Cassava from Montaña Azul, chopped and peeled. 

Cassava -or “yuca” in spanish-, is indispensable part of carbohydrate diet for millions of indigenous people and inhabitants living in many parts of South American, Africa and Asian continents.  Is an integral part of the daily diet for millions of people from the Caribbean region, becoming the main ingredient in typical dishes from Latin America and crossing over to the US markets. It is also consumed as snack or as fries, stew-fries, soups and savory dishes all over the tropic regions of the world.

But, what is it? It’s a root from  a perennial plant that grows best under tropical, moist, fertile, and well-drained soils of Costa Rica. We call it “sweet casssava” because is not bitter like other cassavas produced in different parts of the world.  The reason behind of the sweet cassava from Costa Rica, is its soils, its weather and its latitude.

The founder of Montaña Azul Victor Arias Jiménez shares with us his thoughts about this important addition to the success story of more than 15 years exporting canned food and coffee: “we are very glad of launching our Frozen Line of products, since it is a new engine of economic growth for our beloved region of Horquetas de Sarapiquí in the Province of Heredia. This step provides new employment opportunities for the local community, new business for our national suppliers and new alternatives for our international clients.  It’s a beautiful challenge.”

This is a step for Montaña Azul to bring its experience in high quality food, to the frozen sector. Starting with Cassava root and expanding to other tubers, tropical fruits.

The packages of frozen cassava depend on the clients choice: size, weight and label. Let us know what’s on your supermarket’s frozen section. If there is no cassava, tell them this good news!.


SIAL Paris 2016 – Montana Azul inspires business

October 10th, 2016  

Welcome to the highlight of the Costa Rica Pavilion at SIAL Paris at Hall 8, F24.


80 % of the worldwide population will live in cities by 2050 and we are ready to cater for every one of those cities. The Paris Nord Villepinte receives Montana Azul team at the Hall 8, Stand F24, as part of the Costa Rica Pavilion.

Fruits & Vegetables growing methods evolve and adapt: frozen products, green coffee and tropical canned vegetables & fruits are part of the offer that the company is showcasing at the show this year.

The Export Department of Montana Azul meets this year 2016 with more potential clients than ever thanks to the great organization and the Food Trends from the show will feed the Sales Team with information for the new product development of the year to come.

The Palm ceviche success, Jalapeno Palmhearts entrance and the Mango in glass jars arrival to US, are among the new products to step on SIAL Paris presented by the company.  The Coffee DripBags arrival in Japan will partner with the Arabica Green Beans Microlots offered for the first time by the Coffee Division of the group in this show.

Oh la la to all our clients and friends taking part on this edition and see you in Paris!

Award for Montana Azul from the National Culture Foundation “Leer es Vivir”

July 4th, 2016  


A young audience gets the positive message of constant hard work and innovation from the Montaña Azul Family Company and its Founder

The National Culture Foundation Program “Reading is Living” gives recognition to Montaña Azul as “Company of Excellence Gold”. The mission of the program started 21 years ago and the award was delivered on July 3, 2016 on the premises of the TEC (Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica).

The Foundation brings together children and youth from schools and high schools with outstanding grades and motivates high performance in areas such as entrepreneurship culture, innovation, environmental protection and quality of life. The aim is to encourage leaders in Costa Rica.

This time the company of the Founder Montaña Azul was granted also with an Excellence Award Gold along with its founder Victor Arias who gets the Award “Entrepreneur Diamante”.

The message from Don Victor was delivered in words and example, seeping deep among the young audience who listened with great attention his testimony of positive struggle, vision under constant crises and constant hard work.
Congratulations to the team of Montaña Azul and its exemplary Director and Founder.

The message starts welcoming the future of the country; the children. As Mr Arias says, “you dear children, I dont see on you only distinguised students. You are the future of our country in the following years… among you, I see scientists, literaturers, artists and executives who will take charge of this countries management…”

See the video

Award to Montaña Azul!