Congratulations! You will taste our Cassava at the SIAL INNOVATION 2014

The Judges of the SIAL Paris Innovation 2014 have said ” très, très bon! “

We just received one of those emails  that change your year :

Congratulations, following the CGM Committee, your product has been selected by the Jury, made up of independent experts.We congratulate you on the dynamism and creativity of your company” confirmed Marine Duchene, Communications Officer from the SIAL´s organizer team.

It could not be different. Our Cassava in can, ready to eat and with our secret latinamerican-caribbean spices, was evaluated and made it to the top of the Innovation Selection 2014.  We are still running up for the Grands Prix SIAL Paris Innovation 2014, but we consider ourselves already a winning team: we are taking our flavors to 150 000 visitors of the biggest food show on the planet!.

This Selection is specially important this year since Sial Paris Food Show has its 50th edition.  Our product will be presented in the SIAL Paris Innovation 2014 Book and in the Innovation 2014

As Pahola Arias comments “Just imagine that you could make a product that puts a childhood flavor on a can and combines your family ultra-secret recipe on a classic dish from your culture… is it possible?. We have just made that happen!.”

We also add, that Montaña Azul did it, but did it splendidly well! Because SIAL  french Jury said so!

Cassava with spices selected for SIAL INNOVATION 2014. Well deserved and bon appétit!.


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