Agriculture Chamber of Costa Rica grants Victor Arias Jiménez the Award “Mérito Agrícola” 2014

meritoagricolaThe annual award is given a by the Chamber of Agriculture and other 60 different Chambers from the Agriculture sector of Costa Rica.

A lifetime dedicated to the fields, the vision to diversify in different cultivation alternatives and the creation of vertical operations in the AgroBusiness: from the seed to the export; were some of the reasons that the Costa Rican Agriculture Chamber took into consideration to grant this 2014 Award “Mérito Agrícola” to our President of Montaña Azul, Víctor Arias Jiménez.

In the activity which took place at the Holiday Inn facilities in  San José downtown , Mr Ricardo Seevers from the Coffee Chamber introduced the 2014 Award to ‘don Víctor and his wife doña Marielos’ ” such a good thing to be able to speak good things about him…the most beautiful thing we saw in his company and in this family, is that they have been producing an added value: that exact added value that everybody is looking for;  in their coffee with aromas, in their canned cassava …”

During his words don Víctor told to the audience an overview of his own history  in the AgroBusiness, the cyclical nature of the crisis througout his agriculture entrepreneurships and how each of those crisis made him wiser and stronger. Also pointed out the challenges for the new generations: the climate change, the competitiveness and legislations and our human complexity that sometimes put obstacles in front of the business and our society.

” We have to carry on the ‘carreta’ (oxcart) of the AgroBusiness. Not only for us but for Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a wonderful country”. He concluded.

For those who speak spanish,listen to this, memorable and a lifetime speach, from an unique leader, today recognized with this award, but to whom we express our admiration in a daily basis. Click here to listen 

Felicidades don Víctor. Bien merecido!.


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