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Fancy Food show 2013 welcomes Montana Azul as exhibitor at the booth 4270

May 16th, 2013  




Montana Azul extends a warm  invitation to visit their booth at the summer Fancy Food show 2013 at Jacob Javits Center in NYC. The booth number is 4270 and the products to be displayed are their Heart of palm (in their different presentations), Canned cassava, Pineapple and Roasted Coffee. All those products made at their own facilities in Costa Rica, certified by the ISO 22000, audited by the NSF and the FDA.

Agroindustrial Montana Azul will be representing Costa Rica with the Costa Rican Promotion Agency for Trade and Commerce, an organization that supports exporters and Small Medium Enterprises.

Pamela Arias, Operations Director for Montana Azul will be leading this year’s booth at the Fancy Food Show.  “We expect to greet our current global clients and to make new friends at the show. It’s always grateful to be able to see how much US companies trust our high quality products, our serious experience and our family business as a whole”

The show is expected to take place the 30th of June until 3 of July, 2013.

FDA audits Montana Azul and reconfirms green light

April 18th, 2013  

Heredia, April 2013.

The FDA Auditor Team visited Costa Rica in order to audit the production facilities of Montana Azul at Horquetas de Sarapiqui.  The local team at the factory has a solid knowledge on these type of audits: they get audited frequently from clients and from certification companies in various fields.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the United States federal executive departments. The FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety, among others.

As the CEO of the company confirms ” Our company has been exporting to United States of America for more than 10 years already, we are always keeping track of any changes on the FDA requirements and implementing them immediately. This is a solid factory and a solid team. The FDA is always welcome to visit our facilities”.

Montaña Azul was granted the certificate ISO 22000 lately, consolidating its factory as a serious global quality provider of high standard food products. The CITA (Center for Food Technology Research at the University of Costa Rica) as well as the INA (National Learning Institute) work close to the Quailty Team reinforcing the company’s competitiveness.


Montana Azul received the certification ISO 22000

November 30th, 2012  

The certification is here!. More  than 2 years of hard work and documenting every single process taking place at Montana Azul are finally getting to a happy end : Implementation of ISO 22000 is completed and the certification process started. All gaps are closed, all process are ready and developed. Implementation of the norm is finally over.

The ISO 22000 norm basically is a validation of what the company offers : complete control of the process in every step of it.

All the organizations involved are leaders on their field. They include the team of INA (National Institute of Learning), the team of CITA (Center of Research in Food Technology from the University of Costa Rica), the team of MICIT (Ministery of Science and Technology of the Government of Costa Rica), the team of INTECO (Costarican Normalization Institute) and of course the brave team of Montaña Azul that absorbed all the knowledge and has implemented it.

We congratulate from now the positive result, as it is expected, since the auditors predict an absolute success!



Productos ticos se exhibieron en feria de alimentos más importante del mundo

November 16th, 2012  

Productos ticos se exhibieron en feria de alimentos más importante del mundo

San Jose, Costa Rica, 11-14-2012

Productos nacionales de la industria alimentaria fueron expuestos ante unos 140.000 empresarios de 200 países en la feria de alimentos más importante del mundo, SIAL París 2012. El objetivo de esta visita fue promover la oferta exportable costarricense en este evento, que contó con unos 5.900 expositores.

La Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER) y la Cámara de Exportadores de Costa Rica (CADEXCO) con apoyo del Programa Al-Invest, coordinaron la participación en SIAL París 2012, donde asistieron nueve empresarios con productos como: pastas, tubérculos congelados, jugo de piña 100% natural, palmito, café tostado, yuca enlatada, sustitutos de azúcar, frutas tropicales congeladas, arroz enlatado y atún.

Para Álvaro Piedra, Gerente de Promoción Comercial de PROCOMER, esta actividad le permitió al empresario nacional del sector alimentario posicionar su oferta exportable y diversificar sus mercados de destino. “Europa es un socio comercial muy importante para Costa Rica, en el 2011, 547 empresas exportaron $1.885 millones a esta región. Y al ser esta una feria de clase mundial, nos abre una amplia ventana de oportunidades, por eso queremos incrementar la presencia de productos ticos en el continente europeo y en todo el mundo; así como posicionar a Costa Rica como un país con productos de calidad y valor agregado”, afirmó.

Las empresas ticas que participaron en SIAL París 2012 son: Roma Prince, Productos Congelados Bajo Cero, Florida Products, Agroindustrial Montaña Azul, Alimento Cónica, Sweetwell Costa Rica, Tropifrost, Conservas Finca de Oro y Costa Rica Coffee Export.

La delegación de Costa Rica contó con un pabellón país de 101.53 m2 y cada empresa tuvo su propio espacio de exhibición, donde recibieron a los compradores interesados. Adicionalmente, hubo una cafetería de Costa Rica Coffee Export para promover el café de tico.

Tomado de publicacion de Procomer


Our boutique coffee : from our farms to your cup !

November 5th, 2012  

God created this coffee beans : we just deliver them to you !

Just imagine a coffee that has the wind of the Caribbean sea, the breeze of the Pacific winds and the touch of chocolated soils heated on volcanic soils, with a bit of fruity notes.










Sial Paris Food Show 2012, a great participation !

October 29th, 2012  

At Sial Paris 2012, the Pavilion 3 for the International foods was busy all the time.  Many of the LatinAmerican exhibitors showed their best products. At the Costa Rican pavilion our company Montana Azul was receiving friends and potencial clients from 9 am to 6 pm everyday.

With a participation of 5 days of the show, more than 100 companies passed by to taste our products : pinneapple, coffee, heart of palm and cassava, we distributed information about the country and about our products and company.  We gladly realized that new markets demand our products and we will attend their request !.

Au revoir & merci !

Cassava spiced up and canned – ready to eat !

September 19th, 2012  


Welcome Cassava !  – Bienvenida la Yuca ! – Bienvenue la Manioc !

Montana Azul is glad to anounce the last addition to the family of gourmet products : Ready to eat – easy open – Cassava with spices !

One of the caribbean & latinamerican best kept secrets, now to your table. No cooking or cutting, no waste or time consumed. Just open the can and it’s ready to eat.

This tropical root known as mandioca, tapioca, cassava or yucca; has bene developed with the help of our Food Research consultants from the University of Costa Rica and it’s preserved in salt and water, with a shelf life of 4 years.  Very good news for those who love the new specialty dishes, that follows the trend of a high value food solution.  It allows you to save time and enjoy a delicious meal, just opening the can.

Buen provecho con la Cassava ! Bon apetit avec la Manioc !

Montana Azul at SIAL 2012, Pavilion 3, Booth F062

September 1st, 2012  

MONTANA AZUL to represent Costa Rica in SIAL Food Show, 21 – 24 october 2012, Paris France.

Heredia, Costa Rica – 01.09.2012

The well recoginzed food exporter company Agroindustrial Montana Azul confirms participation at SIAL 2012 in the Costa Rican stand: Pavilion 3, booth F062.  Also offers 10 entries for those companies that have serious interest in their products and services.

This participation confirms the company’s interest in consolidating new markets along with the ones already opened : Mexico, USA, Europe and Caribbean regions and reafirms the serious operations for clients and potential clients who want high quality canned food (in glas jars and tin cans) or packed Roasted Coffee from our the company’s propietary farms.

” We have been part of the high quailty food world for the last 12 years and we have improved constantly since then. This participation is special because it arrives at the same moment where our plant is getting the final audit for the ISO 22000 after 2 years of hard work. Certifying our quality just validates what our clients know : that we are commited to bringing excelence and always improving our selves “, said Victor Arias, Founder of the company.

Arias family will be waiting for clients and potencial clients to share a freshly grinded Costa Rican coffee, exchange news and future plans.  Please confirm in advance your visit so a meeting can be arranged on time in the Agenda for the event. Also any special sample can be requested from now to since samples will be brought directly from Costa Rica.