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Salud! Welcome 2016 The year of the family company

December 22nd, 2015  




Montaña Azul welcomes the 2016 with a stronger Family Company.

Not only in 2015 we managed to expand our facilities with a new WareHouse and a New Plant but also the team became able to enter into new Retail segments such as PriceSmart and Megasuper local supermarkets with attractive offers to the consumers consolidating the Family of Montaña Azul under the slogan “time to share in family”.

In 2015 wew recipes were born : “PalmHeart Ceviche”  and “Jalapeño Palms” bringing a Latin kick for new product hunters.  Expected to hit the markets in 2016, our PalmHeart Ceviche and Palm Jalapeño are a vegetable variation of our local CostaRican dishes. Dedicated to those Distributors who want to provide new ideas, new products and new alternatives for a more demanding market.  We innovate for you!.

Our tropical fruits got spread this year into Supermarket stores across Europe becoming the icon of a new era for fruit in jars, as we say in spanish “el secreto está en el cariño” (the secret is the love). We do care for the beautiful products we created this year: they look great, they taste better and make your life better. We make them with love and attention to details.

Thanks to all who made this 2015 a Year were we improved.  Lets raise our coffees for more ideas coming fresh in 2016! Salud!

Montana Azul might win the award “Effort for Export” 2014.

November 17th, 2014  

Montana Azul made it to the finalists’ short list on the contest for the Award “Effort for Export”2014. 

The week of November 13 had the highlight of the year for the Production team and the Management team.  The Costa Rican Chamber of Exporters organizes every year the Award to the “Effort for Exports” among the Small and Medium companies. This award is granted to the company that best ranks in the evaluation categories at the annual contest sponsored by the Government of Costa Rica.

Under the coordination of the Chamber of Exporters, other important Institutions are represented as evaluators, depending on the subject: The Health Ministry for food safety issues or environment impact, the Science and Technology Ministry evaluating innovative processes and products, the Costa Rican Trade Promotion Institute evaluating the commercial and competitiveness and the Ministry of Economy reviewing operations and size of the company.

Pamela Arias received the evaluating team with humbleness and appreciation “…few times in the life of a Family Company like ours, we have the opportunity to thank those governmental institutions that support our operations. This is one of those times. We participate as part of the contest, but already being among the finalists, is a great honor”.

The 5 of December 2014 the awarded company will be announced during the Chamber of Exporters CADEXCO event.

Good luck to the Montana Azul team!.



Viva México! : LAC Flavors October 8, a two day meetings event in Mérida, Yucatán

August 29th, 2014  


Arriba Arriba! from 8 to 10 of October in Mérida.

Yucatán México is receiving all the guests on the contact book of LAC Flavors Show.

These business meetings take place once a year in Latin America. Changing country every time and sponsored by the BID (Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo), LAC Flavors represents to Montaña Azul, a window to new markets.

LAC Flavors is an annual specialized business matchmaking meeting that brings together food exporters and international buyers to create new business opportunities.

Pamela Arias, Sales Director for Montaña Azul confirms “the BID carefully selected our company as a guest for this year’s edition. They realize we are making an effort to expand in quality, markets and to generate more opportunities to our communities. They are right, we do so. We appreciate that they promote this event as a meeting place for potential clients, potential collaborations and potential opportunities. Our company seriously appreciate it”.

Our catalogs are prepared to share what we do during the meetings and we will take our notebooks to bring new ideas from each conversation we have!.

Los esperamos a todos!

Local Press : Montaña Azul fruit exports on the rise

August 26th, 2014  

Pineapple in glass jars : the protagonist of the 2014.

The local financial newspaper “El Financiero” publishes the latest news about the local Costa Rican export sector, where fruits have the biggest increase in exports.

As per the article of the newspaper, preserved fruits in the first quarter of 2014 showed a growth of 64% compared to the same period of the last year. Thanks to our clients preference, our company is highlighted.

Pahola Arias, Project Director for Montaña Azul confirms in the regional publication “its a more fresh presentation that we use as a comparative advantage. A pineapple that has special characteristics of sweetness, golden color and texture, which differentiate it from others, and chefs throughout the world can appreciate”.

Other fruits are under development including Mango, Papaya and Banana.

These are sweet news!.


Let’s meet in New York – Summer Fancy Food Show, Stand 3302 “CostaRican corner”

May 15th, 2014  


Time flies fast! Arrange a meeting with us, request your sample in glass jar or tin can and we will bring it for you.

Here we are again reviewing details to meet once more time in Manhattan.  Have you tasted our Daloö Coffee!  If you did not taste it yet come here or ask us to send it to your office! Just confirm the address you need the sample to.

We are developing our brand Montaña Azul del Sol for new potential clients and old friends and we celebrate our own Montana Azul chick peas and green peas, produced at our facilities.  This means that you can get not only our Heart of Palm, Pineapple and our Cassava, but also new products. All formats, from tiny cans to A10 sizes.

We are preparing for the second semester of the year , pineapple and papaya in glass jars continue to cross the Atlantic ocean and we will come to FancyFood to include more orders to the 2014 second half.

Let our family members Pamela and Pahola show you our latest news ! Los esperamos !  Write it down and reserve your dates to meet us : June 29th to July 1st, stand 3302 at the International Pavilion, Costa Rican corner.

We start creating our agenda today!.

Confirm your availability to meet at .


Cafe Daloö travels to NYC !

November 9th, 2013  



The big apple welcomes a new inhabitant !

Daloö Coffee will take the its first steps in United States at different stores in Queens, Manhattan, and NewJersey. This is part of a focus research that will validate the Boutique Coffee, produced by Agromercadeo El Diamante, a sister company of Montana Azul, responsible of the coffee Division.

The stores of Amish Market, Best Yet Market, Cucina Liberta, Garden of Eden, Gristedes, MortonWilliams, WestSide Market and Zeytuna, will offer to few of its customers to buy from their shelves our 250 g Daloo Coffee for a limited time. We will be having a result of this first study and our boutique coffee might be making it big in the city that never sleeps.

Daloö Coffee is a product dedicated for those coffee lovers that value an extra note of aroma in their coffee without loosing the intense flavor of an excellent roasted bean. Our coffee is collected by hand, dried by the sun and selected by a water process in our facilities.

But… what is this name for a coffee ?. No. Is not from any scandinavian language.

A native costarican culture called “Cabecar” has a language that has successfullybeen recovered, from its extinction. Daloö  belongs to those recovered words and means ” brilliant ” .    Beautiful name huh?

Now that you know… order your Daloö boutiquet coffee 12 pack with different aromas at

Wilkomen to Anuga Show: Take a coffee with us, Pavilion 3.1 Stand D010 !

September 26th, 2013  


papaya1For the first time Montana Azul participates with the Costa Rica Pavilion in Anuga Food Show, Germany!.

Buy your ticket to Germany, free your agenda, close your computer from 5 to 9 of October and join us from 10 am to 7 pm at the KoelnMesse, Cologne. Walk though our coffee with passion fruit aroma, taste our pineapple-mango in glass jars and be the first to know the Cassava with spices (Yuca con especies) at the very best place for that : Anuga 2013.

Picture this: 150 000 people visiting and 5 days of show, innovations from 10 different sectors of the food shows (from gourmet foods to technology) and exhibitors from every corner of the world.

Alonso Arias, Sales Director reviews: “Is our third participation at the show. We will be taking orders for  heart of palm and cassava, showing our new Kosua papaya in glass jars and presenting our Daloö Bouquet coffee with 10 different aromas. Anuga is as well an opportunity to learn about our visitors and understand the trends of the food market. That’s our homework. A beautiful homework “.

5 continents in one roof to honor the world of tastes and flavors.  The food fair that sets the trend on the foods globally produced and traded. In previous years Montana Azul participated under the AlInvest program (Internationalization project for latin american companies, promoted by the European Union and the CostaRican Chamber of Exporters CADEXCO.

This year for the first time Montana Azul will be at the Costa Rica “Country Pavilion” organized by Procomer (Promotion Agency for Costa Rican Trade). This year the company is promoting their brand new  KOSUA papaya (in glass jars) a premium solution and their premium Roasted Coffee 100% Arabica : “Daloö Bouquet Coffee ” directly from their farms in Costa Rica.

Our Sales team represented by Victor and Alonso, both members of the Arias family, will be personally taking care of all visitors.  Pass by to say  hello to them and if you have any idea to collaborate mark a meeting at




Buyers Trade Mission in Costa Rica – 2 days of meetings

September 18th, 2013  

Pahola Arias and Victor Arias listening well and taking notes of a client’s requirement.

It was clear since the beginning that this will be the biggest Buyers Trade Mission ever. This year we celebrate the 15th edition, after many million of dollars negotiated at this same event throughout already 15 years. Bravo to Costa Rica!.

From fresh produce to flavoring, from bread to exotic liqueurs, our colleagues exporters are in our same team this time: showing with hard work and best effort our quality products to importers who came from all over the world.  Everything made in Costa Rica under one same room. Two days full of meetings one after another, under a clock that marks the end and the begging of each of the appointments, previously organized by Procomer (Costa Rican office for Foreign Trade Promotion)

Buyers Trade Mission (BTM) is the main annual event organized by the Export Promotion Agency of Costa Rica (PROCOMER). This venue gathers, in one single place, the most remarkable Costa Rican export firms and top international buyers who visit the country from diverse destinations such as the European Union, Asia, North America the Caribbean region, among others.

The negotiator for each guest company waits for the CostaRican exporter company and the exchange of information initiates a commercial relationship that many times generates a very good friendship.

Welcome to Costa Rica and good business ! Montaña Azul will be waiting for you at the 16th edition next year.


Pamela Arias at the Booth of exhibitors at the Convention Center Hall

Serving more markets with Kashrut Certification

September 13th, 2013  

KosherRabbi Prober and Mr Parlato from Centro Israelita with Victor Arias B, our Business Developer

Montana Azul certifies Kosher (K) to all the products elaborated at their facilities.  More markets that can be served!


Victor Arias Benavides, Business Developer for Montana Azul states  ” We want to add value to our clients in every possible way.  When our client chooses our company they will be listened to in each of their needs. Our customers needs are our challenges, therefore this certification was incorporated to our products once again”.


Kosher certification is recognized for some consumers in various markets as a quality certification. It certifies that the processes of Montana Azul plant follows the requirements stated by the Orthodox Jewish Law.  The visit of the Rabbi I. Prober and the representative of the Israeli Center Mr. Parlato took place throughout the production process.


The Centro Israelita Sionista de Costa Rica, founded in 1937,  is the leading organization for the Kosher product supervision in the whole CostaRican territory.



Fancy Food Show brought only good news!

August 14th, 2013  


During 4 days at the heart of New York, Manhattan saw the food industry gather again into the biggest show since decades. Montana Azul was there to share a bit of our good news and successes: we have expanded the plant capacity in this 2013 and we have achieved new markets that brought new ideas to our products.

Many new friends and contacts were met at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2013.  We were busy promoting our Boutique Roasted Coffee Daloö (from our own farms and our own roasting process) and presented other innovative products such as the Cassava with Garlic (a classic latin american recipe ready to eat).

Pineapple in glass jars also take part in the new trends for our clients who chose to enjoy the yellow of the MD2 golden pineapple from our North Atlantic Costa Rica.  As Pamela Arias, responsible for the company’s participation, confirmed ” It’s not only the joy to be part of a such important industry, but also to be able to represent our country and let the food world know about our quality and possibilities. Specially us in this family company that can seriously commit to high standards through ISO 22000 and Quality through Kosher but also can operate with the flexibility of a good friend”

New ideas, great projects and more good friends. It’s always good to meet at the Summer Fancy Food Show.