Fancy Food Show brought only good news!


During 4 days at the heart of New York, Manhattan saw the food industry gather again into the biggest show since decades. Montana Azul was there to share a bit of our good news and successes: we have expanded the plant capacity in this 2013 and we have achieved new markets that brought new ideas to our products.

Many new friends and contacts were met at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2013.  We were busy promoting our Boutique Roasted Coffee Daloö (from our own farms and our own roasting process) and presented other innovative products such as the Cassava with Garlic (a classic latin american recipe ready to eat).

Pineapple in glass jars also take part in the new trends for our clients who chose to enjoy the yellow of the MD2 golden pineapple from our North Atlantic Costa Rica.  As Pamela Arias, responsible for the company’s participation, confirmed ” It’s not only the joy to be part of a such important industry, but also to be able to represent our country and let the food world know about our quality and possibilities. Specially us in this family company that can seriously commit to high standards through ISO 22000 and Quality through Kosher but also can operate with the flexibility of a good friend”

New ideas, great projects and more good friends. It’s always good to meet at the Summer Fancy Food Show.







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