Let’s meet in New York – Summer Fancy Food Show, Stand 3302 “CostaRican corner”


Time flies fast! Arrange a meeting with us, request your sample in glass jar or tin can and we will bring it for you.

Here we are again reviewing details to meet once more time in Manhattan.  Have you tasted our Daloö Coffee!  If you did not taste it yet come here or ask us to send it to your office! Just confirm the address you need the sample to.

We are developing our brand Montaña Azul del Sol for new potential clients and old friends and we celebrate our own Montana Azul chick peas and green peas, produced at our facilities.  This means that you can get not only our Heart of Palm, Pineapple and our Cassava, but also new products. All formats, from tiny cans to A10 sizes.

We are preparing for the second semester of the year , pineapple and papaya in glass jars continue to cross the Atlantic ocean and we will come to FancyFood to include more orders to the 2014 second half.

Let our family members Pamela and Pahola show you our latest news ! Los esperamos !  Write it down and reserve your dates to meet us : June 29th to July 1st, stand 3302 at the International Pavilion, Costa Rican corner.

We start creating our agenda today!.

Confirm your availability to meet at info@montana-azul.com .


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