Montana Azul received the certification ISO 22000

The certification is here!. More  than 2 years of hard work and documenting every single process taking place at Montana Azul are finally getting to a happy end : Implementation of ISO 22000 is completed and the certification process started. All gaps are closed, all process are ready and developed. Implementation of the norm is finally over.

The ISO 22000 norm basically is a validation of what the company offers : complete control of the process in every step of it.

All the organizations involved are leaders on their field. They include the team of INA (National Institute of Learning), the team of CITA (Center of Research in Food Technology from the University of Costa Rica), the team of MICIT (Ministery of Science and Technology of the Government of Costa Rica), the team of INTECO (Costarican Normalization Institute) and of course the brave team of Montaña Azul that absorbed all the knowledge and has implemented it.

We congratulate from now the positive result, as it is expected, since the auditors predict an absolute success!



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