Who we really are

The world crisis is reminding to us why do we exist as business, as family, as humans.

.This is a developing situation.

Covid19 has surprised the world. 80 years of investment in a Health System, seams to have the virus under control.

At Montaña azul, we are adapting our talent and our daily routine. Our team has issued since week number 1, all the precautions to ensure our employees to understand the situation the best we can explain, through constant meetings and information boards, explaining the latest measures to be taken on this changing situation and passing each guideline provided by the Health Ministry of Costa Rica and World Health Organization.

We are all humbled to see our people’s coping with what it has become the most uncertain time we have lived in so far.  This became a Costarrican National crusade, succesful so far.

Costa Rica Government has taken every step to keep the conditions controled. All health actions between citizens and the economy are daily communicated transparently. It is clear that this is a lifetime experience, lessons are coming and we are keeping our mind open so we can grow as company and as a team.

We are on a business continuity plan allowing the normal supply to clients, ensuring the food to consumers inside and outside Costa Rica.  We shall pass and we will be stronger and wiser.

Following our Disaster Process we have achieved the identification of the most vulnerable collaborators and the division on smaller groups for lunch, we established the variables to accept anybody who feels sick to stay home and communicate with helpline 1322 covid telephone line.  We follow the logic that anybody can have the virus even if we do not show any synthoms.

As per 13 of May, 2020, the Republic of Costa Rica close to 800 cases,  60% recovered.  As we see the Worlds richest countries with a saturated Health Systems, our government has took steps to reduce some sectors, impacting the economy.  Exports remain opened and our food sector functions as a prilivedged sector, however the challenges are still active and we are solving them on the run.

Costa Rica coronavirus casesSource : Ticotimes publication the 28 of April.

The Health System CCSS ( Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social ), the American Chamber of Commerce, Enterprises Alliance for Development (AED) and Crusa moved 280 of their partners to bring technology so the ramdom tests start in all over Costa Rica, allowing the reinsertion of labour in every sectors.  The message has been “together we can move on”.

Who we are?. We are a family strong team who loves life.

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