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Price Smart says : its time for 6 pack Cassava!

November 11th, 2015  
Starting this month! Our Cassava Montaña Azul x 6 units, appeared at the racks of Price Smart in Costa Rica. The project became reality for the US Retailer for the national branch and represents an opportunity for the Ready to eat Cassava product. Layuca

2014 : a year that ends with recognition

December 17th, 2014  
esfuerzoexportador   Felicitaciones!. Congratulations! As the Costa Rica President  handed the Award for the Effort of Exporters, the representatives of the family Montaña Azul walked to the stage to receive it. "Category of Innovation, this award goes to ... Montaña Azul".  This award is granted to companies that made an upstanding work in their field of bringing Costa Rican services or goods to the international markets. This year our President, Victor Arias Jimenez, received the Award and shared some words with the audience "we are a family company, which means for us is difficult to innovate. It takes creativity and hard work". Also invited all the other companies to continue creating and pushing hard for Costa Rica, a country that deserves all our effort. "Costa Rica es un país maravilloso" as he always says. The Award was granted to Montaña Azul after a careful evaluation from the Jury of 5 different Institutions: Promoter of Foreign Trade, Minister of Health, Ministery of Science and Technology, Ministery of Economy and Trade, and the Chamber of Exporters. A great end of the year for  don Víctor, a visionary man who also got the 2014 Award for Agriculture (granted by the Chambers of Agriculture) and the Selection 2014 by Sial to 2 of the companies' products: cassava with spices and Daloö Coffee. No doubt, this success is "made in Costa Rica", by a family with global standards.  

Agriculture Chamber of Costa Rica grants Victor Arias Jiménez the Award “Mérito Agrícola” 2014

November 26th, 2014  
meritoagricolaThe annual award is given a by the Chamber of Agriculture and other 60 different Chambers from the Agriculture sector of Costa Rica. A lifetime dedicated to the fields, the vision to diversify in different cultivation alternatives and the creation of vertical operations in the AgroBusiness: from the seed to the export; were some of the reasons that the Costa Rican Agriculture Chamber took into consideration to grant this 2014 Award "Mérito Agrícola" to our President of Montaña Azul, Víctor Arias Jiménez. In the activity which took place at the Holiday Inn facilities in  San José downtown , Mr Ricardo Seevers from the Coffee Chamber introduced the 2014 Award to 'don Víctor and his wife doña Marielos' " such a good thing to be able to speak good things about him...the most beautiful thing we saw in his company and in this family, is that they have been producing an added value: that exact added value that everybody is looking for;  in their coffee with aromas, in their canned cassava ..." During his words don Víctor told to the audience an overview of his own history  in the AgroBusiness, the cyclical nature of the crisis througout his agriculture entrepreneurships and how each of those crisis made him wiser and stronger. Also pointed out the challenges for the new generations: the climate change, the competitiveness and legislations and our human complexity that sometimes put obstacles in front of the business and our society. " We have to carry on the 'carreta' (oxcart) of the AgroBusiness. Not only for us but for Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a wonderful country". He concluded. For those who speak spanish,listen to this, memorable and a lifetime speach, from an unique leader, today recognized with this award, but to whom we express our admiration in a daily basis. Click here to listen  Felicidades don Víctor. Bien merecido!.  

Jury at Innovation SIAL Paris selects 2 Costa Rican products : they are from our family company Montaña Azul!

September 1st, 2014  
    sialbothproductsweb Oh la la ! Montaña Azul products could win the Grand Prix Innovation 2014 at SIAL Paris this year! The product "Café Daloö" and "Cassava Montaña Azul", have been selected to compete for the Grand Prix of the Innovation Award Sial Paris 2014.  What is SIAL? Just imagine: 6 000 exhibitors from the food sector, in 5 days of show at the very epicenter of the global trends in flavors and packaging. Sometimes we need a specialist to tell us "well done", we appreciate it even more when it's the biggest ever SIAL Paris Food Show Judges who tell it to us by adding our products to their "Selection Innovation 2014". Last year this Innovation selection had 400 products of the world. This year we are in the competition!. Not only one product has been selected by the Jury of SIAL PARIS INNOVATION 2014.  But two! : Cassava from the Atlantic flatlands with our family recipe? Selected!.  Daloö Coffee brand from the Costa Rican volcanic soils with different exotic bouquets? Selected! Alonso Arias, in charge of the SIAL Paris 2014 participation of the company for the last 8 years comments "Evaluated by attributes such as recipe, marketing, packaging and process of elaboration, among others, both products stood out from the rest and impressed the Jury of 2014. I tell  you something, when those french Juries at SIAL say something is good, we all believe it!  Bravo to Montaña Azul ! My respects to our team, this is a global hit and a reason for the country to be proud " For the recipe both products innovate in adding a twist to the original : A coffee with an aroma of exotic bouquets of guayaba, rose, passion fruits among others.  Cassava root in can and ready to eat, with a latinamerican-caribbean secret family recipe. Bon apetit !

This is our Café Daloö


 This is our Cassava with spices Montaña Azul



Disal Distributor incorporates Montana Azul products to its catalog

August 14th, 2014  
" -Como esta el arroz? " (What´s going on?) !  The  CostaRican Iconic Distributor of Tío Pelón adopts the products of Montaña Azul under its distribution wing Disal. Disal Distribution Company or Grupo Tio Pelón, best known because of their iconic brands of rice and beans "Tío Pelón de la Bajura" (the three times-a-day national ingredients) is already distributing all our Montaña Azul products throughout their chain. Our canned cassava, heart of palm, pineapple, chick peas, mushrooms, sweet corn, join the Grupo Pelón Catalog of latinamerican everyday grocery products at all supermarkets such as rice, beans, spicy "chileros" (traditional hot sauces),  exotic sauces Kamuk branded, and encurtidos (our traditional pickled food). So our new good friend, produces and distributes  all these delicious foods and traditional flavors. " -Cómo está el arroz? " - Is a phrase that sounds familiar to many CostaRicans, since Disal - Grupo Pelón implemented their marketing campaign, referring to the colloquial question "what's going on?" to a popular analogy of "Cómo está el arroz? " (literal translation of How is the rice doing). The popular phrase became worldwide known since the company sponsored the National Football Team before and during the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Victor Arias, founder of our company confirms: "Montaña Azul products are a great match for Grupo Pelón products. We produce the yuca root (cassava), the salad (heart of palm) and we sell all the rice companions (canned mushrooms, vegetables, green peas, corn, chick peas, carrots)... plus they have beans!. Here you have two 100%  family companies that achieve the best 'Costa Rican Casado' ever". The Grupo Pelon, founded by The Gonzalez Family, will be distributing in Costa Rica for HORECA channels and Retail for all the canned produced by Montaña Azul. Mis amigos, son tus amigos!  (My friends are your friends!). Welcome on board Grupo Pelon!. Arroz con Palmito  Now, together the rice Tío Pelón and Montaña Azul Heart of Palm can easily be protagonists of many classic recipes such as the "Palmheart Rice" in this illustration.

Partnership with premium AutoMercado Costa Rica: Daloo Coffee demonstration

June 17th, 2014  
tecito The latest news take us to Costa Rica, where the Premium supermarkets AutoMercado are taking the Daloö Coffee on tour. Demonstration of Coffee Tasting at their premises these June 16th to 21st from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Heredia and Tres Ríos premises.  Also exclusive activities for the Frequent Clients Program are being executed.  "Tecito" is an activity that shows the use of our products to the guests, explaining what and how are the products used. Within scheduled activities and a very entertaining program, our Coffee Daloö will be displayed the Wednesdays 18 of June, 20 of august, 15 of October and November 12, 2014. Pahola Arias, National Brand Manager for the Café Daloö confirms that "Automercado is a key partner for our gourmet coffee products, because the selected bouquets for each coffee are the result of a research within the premium markets served by this company". Pahola explains "the client for Daloö Coffee is curious for innovative choices and loves gourmet coffee specialties" Passion fruit, Guava, Rose, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange, East bouquet (cardamom) and Regular, are the different chosen bouquets, giving a hint of aroma to the aftertaste of the intense coffee from the mountains of Costa Rica. If you are in Costa Rica, join the activies, if not, then join our community online in Facebook and order online at   

Let’s meet in New York – Summer Fancy Food Show, Stand 3302 “CostaRican corner”

May 15th, 2014  

Time flies fast! Arrange a meeting with us, request your sample in glass jar or tin can and we will bring it for you.

Here we are again reviewing details to meet once more time in Manhattan.  Have you tasted our Daloö Coffee!  If you did not taste it yet come here or ask us to send it to your office! Just confirm the address you need the sample to.

We are developing our brand Montaña Azul del Sol for new potential clients and old friends and we celebrate our own Montana Azul chick peas and green peas, produced at our facilities.  This means that you can get not only our Heart of Palm, Pineapple and our Cassava, but also new products. All formats, from tiny cans to A10 sizes.

We are preparing for the second semester of the year , pineapple and papaya in glass jars continue to cross the Atlantic ocean and we will come to FancyFood to include more orders to the 2014 second half.

Let our family members Pamela and Pahola show you our latest news ! Los esperamos !  Write it down and reserve your dates to meet us : June 29th to July 1st, stand 3302 at the International Pavilion, Costa Rican corner.

We start creating our agenda today!.

Confirm your availability to meet at .


Cafe Daloö travels to NYC !

November 9th, 2013  


daloo The big apple welcomes a new inhabitant ! Daloö Coffee will take the its first steps in United States at different stores in Queens, Manhattan, and NewJersey. This is part of a focus research that will validate the Boutique Coffee, produced by Agromercadeo El Diamante, a sister company of Montana Azul, responsible of the coffee Division. The stores of Amish Market, Best Yet Market, Cucina Liberta, Garden of Eden, Gristedes, MortonWilliams, WestSide Market and Zeytuna, will offer to few of its customers to buy from their shelves our 250 g Daloo Coffee for a limited time. We will be having a result of this first study and our boutique coffee might be making it big in the city that never sleeps. Daloö Coffee is a product dedicated for those coffee lovers that value an extra note of aroma in their coffee without loosing the intense flavor of an excellent roasted bean. Our coffee is collected by hand, dried by the sun and selected by a water process in our facilities. But... what is this name for a coffee ?. No. Is not from any scandinavian language. A native costarican culture called "Cabecar" has a language that has successfullybeen recovered, from its extinction. Daloö  belongs to those recovered words and means " brilliant " .    Beautiful name huh? Now that you know... order your Daloö boutiquet coffee 12 pack with different aromas at

Montana Azul joins the consortium “Costa Rica Food Group”

October 26th, 2013  
consorcios As we say: "the friends of my friends... are your friends too!. Joining the food consortium Costa Rica Food  now allows our potential clients to find our products among nougats, spices, tea, liquers, seasonings, honey, cajeta sweets. Everything from serious companies doing their best to represent the best of Costa Rica. At Montana Azul the philosophy has been to create synergy and facilitate any process that impacts Small and Medium companies positively : participation in food shows and promotion of the products, technical help and certification, training and sharing of experiences. The possibilities increase when we work together. Already in 2010 the company  joined the food group Flavours of Costa Rica along with other companies exporting snacks, water, syrups, gluten free flours, chocolate and bread products. As Pahola Arias, Manager for the consortium projects says " We are team players, we all believe in one single vision : to put Costa Rican foods on the table of the exigent markets. We believe in team work and we believe that we think our products can compete globally"

The family grows: chickpeas, sweet corn, mushrooms, peach and fruit cocktails !

October 26th, 2013  
familygrows Montana Azul expands its family of products to a new range of everyday flavors. Sweet favorites such as "fruit cocktail" and "peach halves" join our grocery products along with the ready-to-eat vegetables "chickpeas", "mushrooms", "green peas" and "sweet corn". Different presentations for the different uses in both local and international markets. Victor Arias Jimenez, founder of the company, celebrates the registration of the whole product line at the Ministry of Health and the entrance to the local supermarkets : "We are growing in every direction ! Our vision has been to offer gourmet products from Costa Rica to the world. Today we complement it with every day products.  Montaña Azul branded products allow you to create a complete menu". Montaña Azul will arrive to  both retail and wholesale clients in national and international markets. The family grows. Good for you!.