September 4th, 2020  

USA – New Jersey retailers welcome Montaña Azul brand

New Jersey – also refered as the 8th province of Costa Rica – is known to host the biggest population of ticos outside of their country. Counties as Newark, Orange, Bound Brook and Trenton are among many of counties who look for costarican and latinamerican specialties, such as this cassava.

April 15th, 2020  

Who we really are

The world crisis is reminding to us why do we exist as business, as family, as humans. .This is a developing situation. Covid19 has surprised the world. 80 years of investment in a Health System, seams to have the virus under control. At Montaña azul, we are adapting our talent and our daily routine. Our […]

January 27th, 2020  

Montaña Azul at national TV

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September 29th, 2019  

Join the Future with us ! Montaña Azul in #Anuga2019

[ JOIN THE FUTURE OF THE FOOD AT ANUGA 2019, 100 years of ANUGA]  Anuga is the biggest food show in the World.  This year 164 000 visitors from the Industry are expected to create the future of the food industry in 10 categories.  Montana Azul celebrates in Germany the 100th Edition of the Show […]

May 27th, 2019  

Montana Azul to the Summer Fancy Food Show

  Montaña Azul brings the frozen cassava to NYC for the 2019 Show – Sunday, June 23 through Tuesday, June 25. BIO TREND ! We will be showing our newest ideas in bio products, since our re-certified ORGANIC facilities allow us to listen to clients projects and ideas. Bring your new opportunities and let’s work […]

March 13th, 2019  

Our Director’s talks in APEX Mujer : Women in export

Montaña Azul is participates in Chamber of Exporters talks : APEX talks, women’s edition.  Gender has a basic role in our global work escenario and Costa Rica has done steps to reduce the gender gap. Pahola Arias is a Director of Montaña Azul who has a legal backgroung as Lawyer majored in Environment studies; also Finances and Project Management certifications.  Through […]

February 11th, 2019  

Bio Fach Nuremberg organic show February 13-16 and GulFood Dubai February 17-21

Jump in into our international agendas for February, Wilkomen and Salam aelaeikom! Agroindustrial Montaña Azul is attending the organic trade at the BioFach Show 2019 and the Worldwide GulFood 2019. At the BioFach Nuremberg show in Germany, we will be visiting our potencial clients within the Bio community of the world. 50 000 visitors in a 4 […]

December 11th, 2018  

Seamos Luz

Happy holidays!  What else to say to you than THANK YOU! Thank you for your preference in this 2018. When you choose our company Montaña Azul you create employment opportunities for our green community in Horquetas de Sarapiquí, your orders create a supply chain that includes our providers of goods and services and you help our organization to become […]

October 19th, 2018  

Let’s connect at SIAL Paris 2018! Hall8 StandD020

[ Attending Sial Paris  ] Let’s connect – Venez nous voir! Montaña Azul will be present at the #coffeebar of Costa Rica Pavilion 2018. Sial Paris is one of the best exhibitions for the world markets of innovation  in food.  Meetings and deals bring new business for the future: new opportunities. We will attend again to meet potential […]

September 25th, 2018  

Mi casa es su casa : Business Trade Mission Costa Rica

Vamos a mi casa! Montaña Azul in the BTM 2018, 25-27 September and you are welcome to visit us! The biggest Mission of the Region is opening its doors and Montaña Azul has already arranged the agenda with the visitors from all continents and the new catalog is going to be displayed: innovation in the canned cassava […]